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tv   11 News Sunrise  NBC  August 6, 2009 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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>> good morning, everybody. welcome back to 11 news today. >> thanks for joining us. time to get a check of our weather and traffic. >> the first batches. to get through and then another badge will get through later on. -- the first batch is going to get through and then another batch will get through later today. most of the activity is to the south and east of the city. let us take a look at our current temperatures.
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75 degrees downtown, 72 degrees at the airport. our highest in the low 80's zero around the airport plans to cloud cover. enjoy the cooler temperatures while you can because it will get warmer this weekend. >> there are some early morning accident. in jessup, there is an accident there. we are looking at some other problems such as the transformer fire on courtney wrote. this accident is gone off the inner loop of the beltway. there are ongoing water main break repairs which caused delays yesterday and is expected to do the same today. here is a live view outside. 95 at the fort mchenry looking pretty good. the toll plaza is looking good
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as well. volume is building in the white marsh area. that is the latest. back over to you. >> of a big story this morning, the senate is hours away from conforming judge sonia sotomayor to the u.s. supreme court. >> there is a good shot at keeping cash for clunkers alive. our reporter has a look ahead. >> supporters of sonia sotomayor came out in force as the senate vote nears. >> this is a boat that will matter and will be long remembered by our latino community. >> civil-rights and hispanic groups are trying to brush aside gop criticism. >> i look she will set aside her personal judgment and used. >> some republicans are expected to break ranks and vote for her.
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>> my vote for her confirmation will be based solely on relevant qualifications. i will support her, i will be proud for her. she shows the american dream is possible. >> whether to keep cash for clunkers alive. president obama wants it. >> we have sinned greatly improved sales in the showrooms, etrade ms have it in -- trade- ins will give them vehicles with better fuel efficiency. >> many gop senators agree. >> i am not going to pass a bill to my children for people to buy a bicar by giving $2 billion more. >> but democrats say they have a majority ready to fund the
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program. there would be possible changes to cash for clunkers. rebates would be extended until labor day. in washington, wbal tv 11 news. >> police looking for the gunman who shot someone in baltimore last night. police said the victim was shot in the upper torso and taken to a local hospital. no word on his condition or a possible motive. the brothers pleaded not guilty to charges of possessing weapons inside their home after they are being tried as adults in the case linked to setting a pit bull dog on fire. could newer technology help crack down on criminals?
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>> baltimore county police say it can't. a new crime mapping program could help them reduced their prime rates. our reporter is live with the details. > the name of the problem approaches to crime and traffic safety approaches. police say it is working. currently police are identifying 15 hot spots, at least one in each precinct. the use the block, one of the hot spots as an example. baltimore county is one of seven police agencies were trying the new technology. >> we have had a significant results. in some cases double-digit decreases as a result of this logic. >> when comparing previous years, traffic crashes were down along with burglaries, auto
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theft, and traffic stops were up. >> there would appear to be a correlation between those traffic stops going up in those incidents that affect the safety of our citizens going down. >> the results show a lot of promise for the future, not only saving money in resources but lives as well. >> they are receiving praise from the maryland national highway traffic association saying this is the wave of the future. it is expected to pop up in other areas across the country. >> thank you. that brings us to our watercooler question of the day. do you think the baltimore county crime mapping strategy could be successfully implemented in baltimore city? email your response to >> officials say boating fatalities have increased significantly this year. so far, more boaters have been killed in accidents than the total number last year.
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10 people have died in maryland waters. the majority of victims were not wearing life jackets. several factors contribute to the death including poor judgment and weather. this season could be the deadliest year since 2005. >> and other carbon monoxide scared to investigate. this one occurring in done about. -- dundalk. the search continues for the source of the leak. some are -- one woman fighting to install a wind turbine on the top of her home has been denied. she wanted to help pave the way for more energy efficient in all
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the more. -- in baltimore. still ahead, could being a social butterfly help the state then? we will tell you why some experts say lonely people are at risk for obesity and heart disease. >> women are taking precautions for cancer risks. >> police are still working to clear an accident in jessup. we will talk about the water main break re
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>> 75 degrees downtown right now. we are dealing with some light rain that is moving through the area. some thunderstorms around the eastern shore. the front that we have been talking about since a guest
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today is still trying to push its way through the area. popper a low pressure has developed which is generating the showers. the storm system afternoon occurred, but we are seeing it more so today. it will remain unsettled with mostly cloudy skies. only 78 degrees-83 days -- degrees today. the war -- the weekend will be warmer. >> many women are opting to have breast and ovaries removed if there is a high risk for cancer found there. depending on the result of genetic testing, some people face a 85% increased risk of getting cancer. they are removing their breasts or ovaries to reduce the risk.
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>> it appears that social stress may increase your risk for obesity and heart disease. that is according to researchers at wake forest university. they studied monkeys. those at the bottom of the order were most likely to be targeted for aggressive behavior myriad there was an increase in risk for heart disease. >> coming up, we will take a look at hal some are increasing their efforts to prevent danger to animals. >> up next, we will update traffic and weather. stay with us. you are watching "11 news today."
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>> good morning. a wet brush up there this morning. we had an accident in jessup that is clearing. here is a new problem. southbound 295 we have a medical call coming in there. westbound no., there is the right lane closure with the water main break repair. we will update you on any new problems that come in. no delays right now. we are building volume and wet roads which could create more problems. the fort mchenry is looking good. no delays at the toll plaza. the harbor tunnel looks well. here is a live in view of white
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marsh where we are doing well there. that is the latest. let's get the latest on the buses and trains. >> good morning. we are looking very good on the trains this morning. the delays on the brentwood lines or camden. a few diversions with buses due to water main break repair. 21 thus diverting at -- 21 bus diverting. 17 thus diverting due to construction as well. no delays although the rain will slow the buses as well as the morning -- morning commute continues. actress sandra shaw. morning. >> good morning. -- back to sandra shaw.
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good morning. >> the morning. this moisture is coming up from the south. an area of low pressure is along the state which is stirring things up. another batch of showers will move through the afternoon after the morning clears up. 75 degrees downtown. 72 degrees at bwi marshall. it will be gorgeous in the state of maryland. partly cloudy skies. in baltimore, the front has not made its way through all the way. a mostly cloudy sky cover today. it will not be as humid. we are seeing more of a northernly flow. as far as the beaches go, 79
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degrees in ocean city. the surface temperature is not far off from the air temperature. 73 degrees in the atlantic. though a's in the harbor. -- an 80's in the harbor waters. we will be significantly clear tonight as high pressure starts to build ocean. tonight upper 50's. 66 degrees downtown. here is what we have in place. the front is still pushing through in stirring up the showers. we will remain unsettled.
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around 1:00, this goes to the eastern shore. but beautiful and clear by 10:00 tonight. we will have a gorgeous and to the work week. on friday, 84 degrees. one of the better august days that we will see. saturday 89 degrees. hazy, hot, and humid on sunday with 95 degree temperatures. 95 degrees on monday. we cooled down to 90 by tuesday. >> we brought you the story of several farm animals were attacked by a pit bull. >> it is in euthanize since then. our reporter says that county
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officials are getting involved in animal welfare. >> at this rescue ranch, all kinds of animals called this place home. it is thanks to this woman who made it her mission to save them. >> animals have been abused, neglected, mistreated. >> on july 12, they're safe haven was violated when a pit bull jumped the fence. >> they were always together. the baby is walking around a loss. she goes to the spot where her mother was killed. she scratches in the dirt as if she can smell her. this was a call. it had completely swelled up. it is healing upgrade. >> what is happening here has caught the attention of the county. there is an advisory board in place. county executive is looking to
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create a committee within the next 45 days that will focus on a variety of animal issues. >> we want to help children develop good attitudes towards children and leave them on the right path so they can avoid the abuse of animals later on in life. >> it gives some acknowledgement to these animals so they can get help and other people can turn in cases of abuse. >> the animals are all healing well. there have been some new additions to the ranch. wendy says the veterinarian bills have been astronomical, but the support she has received has been great. >> that has been the best. i got almost -- but we have a long way to travel. i will make sure we get there. >> wbal-tv. >> a louisiana boy hopes to help
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abused animals by donating all of this money to a popular charity. after he learned about the ascpa , he brought in $500 with his money. he continues to work to make sure animals are safe. >> close to 80% of the public is aware of the new show for jay leno. does that mean it will be a hit? he set down to talk with tv critics to talk about the debut. >> the monologue will stay. jaywalking will stay. the difference is we have to carry the comedy through the whole time of the show. >> remember his show debuts monday september 14 10:00 p.m. right here and wbal-tv. >> it is 5:52.
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much more is ahead on an 11 news today. >> we will take a look at our watercooler question of the day. >> here is a look at the lottery numbers from last night.
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>> the first place in the entire nation where people can send text messages to 911 in during emergencies in iowa. it is not meant to replace raimondi calls. it is a good backup for the hearing impaired. the most important information to include is your location in your text followed by your emergency. >> it is a new world. text messaging has become more popular. we saw a need for it. the board was eager to jump on board. >> there is a manual for common texting phrases. do not forget to tell us your answer to our watercooler question of the day. >> do you think the baltimore county crime mapping strategy could be successfully implemented in baltimore city? email your response to
5:57 am we will read some of your answers in our next hour and post all of them on the front page of our website. here is a look ahead of the next hour of 11 news today. >> someone is getting out of prison. we will tell you who it is next. >> and chris brown is waiting on information in his case of assault on rihanna. >> we are tracking some showers on hd doppler. i will let you know how long it will last. >> the showers could have contributed to an accident that we are getting word on in the inner loop of the beltway.
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>> baltimore county police search doing sometng


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